Signs that you are obsessed with your Dog

We do know, that you love your dog a lot. But has someone ever told that ‘You are so obsessed with your dog!’? From then you have been in this confusion whether you are actually obsessed with your pet or not. Well, there are signs that can tell if your friend’s claim stands true or false.

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Signs that you are obsessed with your Dog

A true dog lover will never miss on showing his/her love and care to the Dog. If you are himself a similar person, then check out the signs listed below to know if you are obsessed with your Dog in real! They are given as:

1) Pampering never ends.
2) Talking to them, and sharing your thoughts is normal to you.
3) Staring at the pet while they are asleep.
4) You hang out with your dog more than your real friends.
5) Celebrating your pet’s birthday is mandatory.
6) You only feed the best food for your pet.
7) They have their own personal Facebook accounts or any other social account.
8) You always consider them for family portraits.
9) Keeping many nicknames of your fluffball.
10) Sharing your favorite food with them, no matter what are having.

Can you relate the points with you? These were the obvious signs that simply shows how much closer you are to your pet.

Thanks for reading. Have a nice day, pals!