4 Common Dog Food Myths which aren’t True!

Myths or I would rather call it as the Common Beliefs which people accept without any proof as such. The same thing goes with the Dog Foods!

In this article, I am going to debunk the top 4 common myths which people still trust when it comes to Dog Foods. Shall we?

4 Common Dog Food Myths which aren’t True!


Following are the Common Dog Food Myths which I found among the pet owners, which are so not true.

1) Only bigger brands prepare Healthy Food

People fall for those shiny packages and the overwhelming ads that they watch on the Televisions. This makes them believe that only bigger brands offer healthy food options. Just don’t fall for the brands, instead, check on the ingredients and health benefits.

On the other hand, brands with small infrastructure and resources will give a lower quality dog food. In that case, the point may stand true.

2) Grain-free diets are higher on the Protein Level

First thing, you got to understand that the nutritional requirement of your pet is way too different than yours. If you replace the grains with peas, potato, starch, etc. then this may have bad effects on your pet’s health. The food will be delicious and nutritious for you, but it won’t be any good for your pets. You need to understand the requirements and go with a suitable pet diet.

3) Raw Food is Good for the Digestion


By just offering raw food to your pets doesn’t make them any less vulnerable to health issues. It was seen that most of the foods recalled by FDA were either raw or the freeze-dried. While another study has shown how the raw food gets attracted to deadly bacterias like the salmonella! This will not only cause an issue for your pets but also on your health.

4) Home-made Dog Food is the best for your pet

You may be like, Come on! Home-made foods are the best for the pets. I would say, it depends on the Food. If you know what’s right for your pet so as to provide them with a balanced diet, then you are doing it right. Otherwise, I would say you are causing harm to your pet.

Well, on a concluding note just one advice.

Don’t believe what people say, especially when it comes to your pet’s diet. Consult the vet, and know what’s right for them.


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